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 Almost being a native, having grown up in Parker, cutting my baby teeth in a playpen on the river, and having gone to Parker High School then returning to settle in the beautiful Sonoran desert outside of Bouse, has allowed me to look at the desert from a different perspective.

 When I returned to Arizona, I brought Jef, my partner and a life long Californian. He has quickly chosen to call Arizona his new home too.

Jef and I moved fulltime to Arizona in November 2007, from a small mountain community in California called Anza. Located near Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains, the town is directly above Palm Desert at about 5000’ elevation. For the past 18 years we had been busy with a commercial horse facility, The “Hay Dude” Ranch, specializing in the sale of draft horses, horseback riding tours and retail hay sales. After a few life changing events we made the decision to slow down, sell our ranch and move to Arizona.

Bringing 8 horses, 4 BIG dogs and a parrot from a mountain ranch to the desert has been entertaining! Everyone is getting along great and the dogs love the summer trips to “Grandma Betty’s” house to play in the river. The tremendous amount of wildlife near our “mini ranch” here in Bouse, just adds to the excitement on a daily basis.

I have been raised in a Real Estate family and while in California completed several parcel maps and was part of a small company who did minor land development & planning. I have a broad background in real estate, but what I truly enjoy is helping my buyers find that perfect place!!!

I was born and raised in Pasadena, Ca.  When I was 15 yrs old I stayed with a sister in the Arizona town of Surprise. I loved the cactus, open spaces and the warm temperatures. I knew I wanted to return someday.

I spent many years working and managing a large feed company servicing the major Southern California TB tracks.  My true love was music and in 1989, my best friend John Knori and I formed a band called “The Barnyard Boyz” and the rest is history. We began to play all over Southern California. John lived in Anza, Ca. and we had plenty of shows in his town. I met Paula and we began to build the ranch in Anza. When I found out her family lived in Arizona I knew I would be spending lots of time there. It was an easy decision to move 18 years later.

John and I continued playing music for those 19 years and we still get together to “jam” a bit. The band is still playing in select venues, although without me. I hope to meet new musicians and perhaps form another band or join a professional group already performing.

Real Estate is a new venture for me and I am looking forward to learning everything I can about it. Working with Paula and Betty and being part of the BOUSE TEAM is the beginning of an exciting new adventure. Let me work for you and together we can find that perfect place.



Bouse, Parker, and Quartzsite, Arizona homes in the Colorado River area for sale.
Also serving: Brenda, Salome, Ehrenburg, Vicksburg, La Paz Valley, and Wenden

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